Privacy Policy

This privacy policy informs people of the privacy practices and personal data processing principles associated with the services provided by the website, hereinafter referred to as the WEBSITE, of SIA “Timberex Group”, hereinafter referred to as the COMPANY. The customer (hereinafter referred to as the USER) is any natural person or legal entity, who performs any activity on the WEBSITE.

The COMPANY hereby informs that personal data submitted to the COMPANY are safe and that personal data processing occurs in accordance with the effective regulatory enactments that govern data protection.


The COMPANY shall collect personal data that are voluntarily provided by the user of the WEBSITE:

  • by e-mail or when the COMPANY representative receives calls;
  • by filling out the notification in the contact form of the WEBSITE;
  • by filling out other entry fields provided in the form of questionnaires or surveys on the WEBSITE in order to contact the COMPANY;
  • by filling in physical documents and submitting them to the COMPANY by post, in person or otherwise.


When contacting the COMPANY by e-mail, by using the contact form on the WEBSITE or other options, the USER can indicate:

  • name, surname;
  • contact information (e-mail address and/or telephone number);
  • other required information that the USER wishes to provide, or which is required for the performance of the particular activity (cooperation, comment, recommendation, signing of an agreement, etc.).



The COMPANY may use the obtained personal data:

  • to provide the USER with the services and information requested by them;
  • to ensure the operation of the WEBSITE;
  • to provide efficient customer support;
  • to help prevent threats or fraud or fraudulent activities;
  • to send informative notifications to the USER, information on the news, the latest products or campaigns, if the USER has unambiguously agreed to receive such;
  • to comply with the requirements of the regulatory enactments;
  • to disclose personal data to central government and municipal authorities in the cases where such disclosure is required by laws and regulations;
  • to process the reference sent in by the USER, a complaint or any other information;
  • to answer the questions of the USER, to clarify queries or respond to other requests;
  • to send the USER information or to contact the USER regarding the information about the orders of the available products, establishing cooperation, cooperation conditions, and other information relevant to both parties;
  • to process the personal data of the USER in a summarised way for statistical purposes to analyse and to improve the provided services and products.


In order to implement the requested services, information and to fulfil our obligations to you, we may transfer your personal data to other companies that we cooperate with. These companies may process your personal data in accordance with our instructions only and may not use them for other purposes. Such companies, in accordance with law and our cooperation agreement, are requested to protect your personal data.


The COMPANY uses various technical solutions and organisational security measures to protect personal data of the USER. The data are available to a limited circle of people, authorised persons only.

As part of the performance of our legal duty, we may need to submit your personal information to law enforcement institutions, as well as state and municipal institutions at their request. We may also deliver your personal data to law enforcement authorities, as well as state and municipal institutions in order to protect our legal interests, by drawing up, submitting and defending legal requirements.

The personal data of the USER are stored for as long as they are required by the COMPANY in accordance with the purposes of collection of such information and as permitted or provided for by the requirements of the regulatory enactments.


If the USER is a data subject in accordance with the EU GDPR, the USER shall have various rights regarding their personal data, which can be reviewed here: EU data protection website

The regulatory enactments that govern the sector of data protection grant you the following rights in relation to your personal data protection.


We cannot guarantee the complete protection and safety of online data; we ensure the implementation of all reasonable measures to protect information that has been sent to us by electronic means. You are responsible for the electronic dispatch of any information and the correctness of information.

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