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SIA “Timberex Group” manufactures high quality spruce and pine
roof battens according to the requirements of the British standard BS 5534:2014.

SIA "Timberex Group"

SIA “Timberex Group” is the largest European manufacturer of roofing battens, founded in 2008. Timberex Group currently operates in Latvia, Estonia and United Kingdom.

We are a leading supplier of roofing battens in the UK. The first player in the roofing business with a 56% market share in the UK.

SIA Timberex Group Par Mums

Manufacturing facilities

There are currently 5 production facilities in Latvia


Log cutting plant

Port Magnat


Timberex Group Par Mums


Planning, grading, treatment plant. Port Loading services.


Planning, grading, kiln drying.


Planning, grading, kiln drying.

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