Insight into the manufacturing process

Our manudacturing is carried out according to customer requirements, observing high quality requirements.

Logs are delivered to the sawmill
Logs are moved to log sorting line where grading and measuring is done electronically by scanners and computer program. Sorted logs are transported to log yard stacks.
SIA Timberex Group Iepērkam
Processing of saw logs
Saw logs are processed into boards
Production line ensures full production cycle for log, producing different types of boards and battens for further production
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Processing of saw logs
Processing of boards
The boards are processed into battens
Boards are being planned in multi-head 4 side planning machine and split by ripsaws into roofing battens.
3 (1) (1) (1)
Processing of boards
The battens are carefully sorted
Battens are graded by standard BS 5534:2014+A2:2018 quality requirements
4 (1) (1)
Battens are delivered for treatment
All ready production is being treated in treatment tanks in Port Magnat and KS Terminal using Vacsol Aqua or Tanalith chemicals
Timberex Group Par Mums
The battens are loaded and exported
All ready production before loading on vessels is stored in Port territory and later loaded to vessels to ports Goole, Cardiff, Shoreham and other ports according specifications.
SIA Timberex Group Par mums
SIA Timberex Group Impregnēšana

Details about company manufacturing capacity:

  • 80 000 cbm battens per year
  • 6000 cbm of sleepers, decking, garden products per year
  • 180 000 cbm of planed boards (C24) per year
  • 250 000 cbm treatment capacities per year
  • 5 our own production facilities with total 150 employees

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